April 29, 2010

Bungalow Retreats:: THE PERFECT ESCAPE

I'm slightly challenged with this concept since I don't have a backyard. But don't these cozy little bungalows look like the perfect retreat from our everyday nests?

This old ivy covered garden shed turned beautiful bath spa was cleaned and painted, with new terra-cotta tile floor and bathtub.

A tiny home office, housed in a converted potting shed in Santa Cruz.

Summer retreat home in a tent cabin from Sweetwater Bungalows.

A lakeside retreat complete with wooden deck and ivy canopy.

A white one-room vintage log cabin in the woods of Wisconsin.

These bungalows are the perfect backyard escape during the summer!

Images via Sunset Magazine, Sweetwater Bungalows and Chicago Home + Garden Magazine.


  1. What relaxing little retreats. Would love to getaway on that little river/lake!

  2. yes!! that one's my fav too! ahhhh, I could move in there ALL summer!!

  3. i looove bungalows. what beautiful photos. so relaxing + peaceful.

  4. these look so cozy! I'd love to escape to one of them right now.



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