April 19, 2010

alex marshall nesting bowls

I'm in love with these oversized ceramic nesting bowls by Alex Marshall. I've had a similar bowl on my kitchen counter for years now and I use it to store rolled hand towels, fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables from the farmers market. Because of the size and depth, it also doubles for the perfect salad and pasta serving bowl.

Marshall's work is described as organic and beautifully functional sculpture, each piece feels handcrafted and unique.
She received her MFA in conceptual art from the San Francisco Art Institute and takes a skilled and deliberate approach to her art. She encourages the philosophy, "Longevity is Green" and one aspect of "green" that's true for everything her studio produces: longevity, believing that when something is made to last, you don't have to buy it again, which decreases the impact on natural resources and keeps waste out of landfills. All ceramics and glazes are made in Northern California, which means less fuel consumption and production consumption.

This month marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Along with the fun interiors and fashion, I plan to continue to highlight some of my favorite sustainable products and companies that are dedicated to making a difference.

**Image and bowls found at Colcha Home in Venice Beach, California.

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