March 19, 2010

happy spring weekend!

Yipee!! It's been a fun week and I'm so happy for the weekend again!! Writing these Friday posts make them come around a little quicker–when it feels like I just wrote one yesterday!

I've successfully accomplished one major goal for the week–but I have to admit–I was a little pressured by the thought of being seen in a bikini soon.

This weekend I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this sunny gorgeousness we've been experiencing in San Francisco stays with me through Sunday. I LOVE sunshine. Believe it or not, I'm heading to Napa again (more family wino's in town). I'm also collecting the last of my cruising gear and hitting the driving range to practice my golf swing (I so need it!) so I can play more this spring.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

***Image via Elise Francesca Fargnoli and

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