March 18, 2010

exotic chic

I have a new found fascination with traditional printing styles + block printing and I'm in love with, John Robshaw. His fabrics are made of the traditional method of block-printing and inspired from his travels around the world. "When you look at my textiles, its like you've been on the world tour along with me."

Robshaw first journeyed to India to find natural indigo dye for his paintings but instead, he fell in love with the local artisans fabric-making traditions.

He describes the block-printing process as, "so simple and natural. You touch a woodblock to wet clay and then to the fabric. After the clay dries, you dip the cloth into the indigo vat and the clay stays on. One dip gives the fabric a sky-blue color, two dips and it deepens to cobalt, three dips and its a saturated midnight blue."

"Then the fabric is laid out to dry in the sun and later the clay is washed off. The dyer says the indigo vats are like a mistress because they need constant attention."

"I was completely fascinated by the dyeing and printing processes, as well as how the finished product is used. Textiles become intimate companions in daily life, whether as a pillow, bedcover or sarong."

The fabrics are sophisticated and vibrant and have a true handmade appeal that make them both exotic and romantic.

John is also a consultant for Aid to Artisans, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating economic opportunities for craftspeople in developing nations, and in support of local textile artisans, which I find just as inspirational as his gorgeous fabric is!

***Images via John Robshaw

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  1. HUGE John Robshaw fan...half my house is covered in it :) and I sell it in my little shop...LOVE!



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