February 7, 2010

inspiration can be found everywhere

I'm wholeheartedly devoting my first blog entry to the city I live in, San Francisco... I've been blessed to call this city my home for the last fourteen years. Wow! Everyday I'm fascinated by my surroundings in one of the worlds most beautiful cities, filled with it's tall buildings, whispering cypress trees, beautiful architecture, rich creative culture, ferry docks, sail boats, thick fog and nightly fog horns, and ever-changing views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Just look around and I'm sure you too can find inspiration everywhere!

**Image taken from Cavallo Point Lodge, 12/09


  1. welcome to the blogosphere! :)

    Surprisingly, I've never been to San Francisco (despite it's close proximity to Portland). It's definitely on my list!!

  2. Great to see you here!! I was in SF for the weekend and the weather and city were gorgeous :)

  3. Welcome and a huge thanks for adding me to your friends and favorites!! I've seen your beautiful designs around the blogworld, and I'm excited to keep following you to see more!

  4. thank you all!! what a fun surprise to see your hello's this evening! more to come :) xoxo



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